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Stuff for the Modern Cave Dweller

Man Cave Essentials

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Pool / Billiard Tables & Accessories

Dartboards / Darts & Accessories

Bars / Equipment & Accessories

Comfortable Seating

Illuminated & Neon Signs


Tin Signs & Wall Art

Industrial Style Lamps & Ceiling Fans

Entertainment Centers

TV's, Audio Systems & Karaoke

Pin Ball, Juke Boxes & Bar Games

Bo-Toys Drinking Game Glass Roulette - Drinking Game Set (2 Balls and 16 Glasses) Casino Style Drinking Game

There are all manner of products on the market that will personalize a mans retreat to reflect his identity in just the way he wants it to. This website is designed to offer a variety of product suggestions that will enhance a home male environment space along with useful advice to help make the right choices.

You donít have to spend a bundle of money creating, furnishing & decorating a man cave. This is your designated space, and whatever you want to put in it is up to you!!

It could be real simple, like just throwing in a couple of comfy chairs and a large screen TV and then shutting the door on the rest of the world for a while. You can of course take things much further depending on the time & money you have to spend on it, imagination has no limits & your man space can be as awesome as you wish to make it.

At the end of the day, if itís filled with the things that make you happy, you are definitely on the right track!!


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"Men have had an identity problem since the women's movement. They have tried to figure out who they're supposed to be. For a while women wanted them to be more sensitive, so they were more sensitive. Then women wanted them to be more manly.

One of the things I discovered is when men have their own manspace, what they put inside of it is really an expression of who they are.

Manspace is about establishing an identity for a man.

Our premise is that women have control of the look and the feel of the house and that left guys wanting more. Anybody who has a specific interest or hobby or work or collection is going to want a space to indulge that."

Sam Martin, in the Chicago Tribune 2007

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